Excursion to the Salinas de Arequipa Lagoon

Excursion to the Salinas de Arequipa Lagoon

Group size: Up to 15 people.

Maximum altitude: 4300 masl.

Transportation: Tourist transportation round trip

Service: Group

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: Full Day

Return: We will return to the city around 5:00 p.m., leaving the passengers near Arequipa’s main square.


  • Enjoy the scenery of the Andean forests surrounding this lagoon.
  • Marvel at the blue sky surrounded by volcanoes and the Andean panorama.
  • Flora and Fauna Sightings


Excursion to the Laguna Salinas de Arequipa, is an exciting adventure also known as the Salar de Arequipa, a natural reserve that will give you the exceptional opportunity to photograph a variety of Andean birds and diverse mammals, a truly unique place due to its condition as a salt lake that, during the rainy season, creates an impressive mirror of water.



Enjoy an excursion to the Laguna Salinas de Arequipa, also known as the Salar de Arequipa. This place is very special for being a salt lake which, during the rainy season, creates an impressive water reflection. During your visit, you will enjoy spectacular views that will leave you in awe and you will have the opportunity to capture beautiful landscapes with your camera.

In addition, exploring this natural reserve, you will have the great opportunity to photograph various Andean birds and some mammals such as the llama, the alpaca and others. Visiting this destination is not just going to a place, but a new perspective of seeing the world.


Salinas de Arequipa Lagoon Tour

Day 1

We will begin our excursion to the Laguna Salinas de Arequipa by picking up passengers at their hotels, especially those located in the center of the city.

 Afterwards, we will head towards the Salinas lagoon, making our first stop at the volcano viewpoint in the district of Chiguata, from where we will be able to contemplate the Misti, Chachani and Pichipichu volcanoes.

 Afterwards, we will visit the charming town of Chiguata, where we will take a brief tour of the town and you will have time to enjoy your breakfast.

 Continuing with the tour, we will pass over Simbral, located at about 4200 meters above sea level, where you will be able to appreciate the characteristic flora of the region. After one more short drive, we will arrive at Laguna Salinas, where, if you take the tour between January and March, you will be able to observe the impressive water bodies and local wildlife, including flamingos and llamas.

 Even if you decide to do the tour between April and December, you will have the opportunity to visit the salt extraction centers, where you will be able to take excellent photographs.

Continuing with the itinerary, we will head to the Lojen hot springs to enjoy a relaxing bath. As an optional activity, we offer a visit to the Uzuña lagoon and dam, where you can participate in activities such as kayaking and fishing.

After the tour, you will have free time in the village of Chiguata for lunch before returning to the city.

To conclude our tour to the Laguna Salinas de Arequipa, we will return to the city around 5:00 p.m., dropping off our passengers



 Hotel pick-up

 Shared transportation

Professional bilingual guide (English – Spanish)

 First aid kit

Not Included

 Food (Lunch, breakfast)

Entrance to the hot springs

Entrance ticket to mini volcano Lojen (5 soles per person)


 Extra expenses



 Wear comfortable and warm clothing

Comfortable footwear

Sun hat



 Bring snacks

 Gloves for cold weather


If I am not staying in a downtown hotel, where should I go to board the shuttle?

If you are not staying in hotels in the historic center, you must go to the main square to board the transportation. Pick up is first at the plaza and then at the hotels.

How far around my hotel can you pick me up from the Plaza de Armas?

In general, we pick up passengers who are located up to 5 blocks from the main square. In exceptional cases, if the hotel is 1 or 2 blocks outside this range, it is recommended to consult to confirm if they can pick you up.

Is it advisable to participate in this tour with elderly people and children?

Yes, this tour is suitable for all ages, both adults and children. However, it is important to take the necessary precautions and care during the excursion.


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