Colca Tour: 2 Days from Arequipa

  • Volcán Chachani
  • Cañón del Colca - Full Day
  • Desde Arequipa : Excursión al Cañón del Colca 1D
  • Volcán Chachani
  • Cañón del Colca - Full Day
  • Desde Arequipa : Excursión al Cañón del Colca 1D

Colca Tour: 2 Days from Arequipa

Group size: Up to 15 people.

Maximum altitude: 4910 masl.

Transportation: Tourist transportation round trip

Service: Group

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 2 days

Return: Upon return we will return to the city of Arequipa where we are expected to arrive around 4:30 pm.


  • Enjoy an incredible view of the Cordillera Volcanica del Sur in Patapampa.
  • Cruz del Condor viewpoint from where we will observe the majestic condors.
  • Enjoy exploring beautiful natural landscapes, such as mountains and volcanoes.


Tour Colca 2 Days from Arequipa, is an experience that includes a magnificent visit to Pampa Cañahuas, where we will be able to observe part of the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca. Afterwards, we will depart to Toccrapampa and reach the highest peak, from where we will be able to contemplate an impressive view of the Cordillera, where we will enjoy a complete panoramic view of the southern volcanic mountain range.



The excursion to the Colca Canyon has a duration of 2 D/1 N and starts with the pick up from your hotel. Afterwards, we will go to the first stop at Pampa Cañahuas, where we will be able to appreciate the Vicuña. Afterwards, we will continue through Patahuasi until we reach Vizcachani, where we will be able to observe the llama and alpaca. Afterwards, we will pass through Toccrapampa and arrive at the highest point where we will be able to see a beautiful view of the Cordillera.

After breakfast on the second day, we will visit the Cruz del Condor viewpoint, where we can admire the impressive condors. We will also visit the Antahuilque viewpoint, where we can appreciate an Inca terraced farming system. Afterwards we will have time for lunch and return to Arequipa, while observing the natural landscape..


Arequipa – Pampa Cañahuas – Patapampa – Chivay

Day 1

 Departure from Arequipa starts at 7:30 a.m. via Yura. On the way we will observe the Chachani volcano and then visit Pampa Cañahuas, where we will be able to observe part of the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, as well as the other side of the volcanoes of Arequipa.

 In this place we will be able to appreciate in particular the Vicuña, the South American camelid that has the most delicate fiber in the textile market.

 We will continue our journey until we reach Patahuasi. Here we suggest drinking Coca or Chachacoma tea, known for its beneficial properties against altitude sickness, as we will begin our ascent from this point. Our route will take us to Vizcachani, where we will be able to see llamas and alpacas.

 Afterwards, we will go to Toccrapampa, from where we will contemplate the wetlands inhabited by Andean birds.

 Our next destination will be Patapampa, the highest point at 4,910 meters above sea level. From here, we will have a panoramic view of the entire southern Cordillera Volcanica, including Ampato, where the Ice Lady “Juanita” was discovered, along with Sabancaya and Hualca Hualca Hualca.

We will move on to Chivay to enjoy a comforting lunch after an exciting journey.

 Afterwards, we will settle into our hotel and head to the Yanque thermal baths, whose medicinal waters are known to alleviate rheumatism and arthritis..

 We will remain there for approximately one hour.

 On our way back to Chivay, we will have dinner while enjoying a folkloric show that will include typical dances of the region such as the Wititi and the Qamile, among others.

 Overnight in Chivay.

Yanque – Mirador Cruz del Condor – Maca – Chivay – Arequipa

Day 2

 At 5:30 a.m., breakfast will be served at the hotel.

 At 6:00 a.m. we will leave for the Cruz del Condor viewpoint. On the way, we will make our first stop in the village of Yanque to enjoy the Wititi dance.

  We will arrive at the Mirador de la Cruz del Condor around 8:00 a.m., the ideal time to admire the majestic flight of the condors. With the guide, we will walk along the rim of the Canyon for about 40 minutes, and then we will have another hour to enjoy the scenery.

 Afterwards, we will return to the town of Chivay, making stops in different villages to appreciate their colonial architecture.

  Our next stop will be at the Mirador de Antahuilque, where we will be able to contemplate the enchanted lagoons, so called because they change color during the day due to the presence of algae.

Once in Chivay, we will have time for lunch.

 Then, we will continue our return trip to the city of Arequipa, where we are expected to arrive at around 4:30 pm.


 Pick up from hotel (Arequipa Downtown)

 Professional bilingual guide (Spanish / English)

 Intermediate hostel

No Incluye

  Entrance to the Colca Canyon (Mandatory fee):

  •  Peruvians – S/.20.00
  • South Americans – S/.40.00
  • Foreigners – S/.70.00

Baños termales – S/.15.00

Thermal baths – S/.15.00

Hotel Night (You can consult with us to book a hotel)

 Food not mentioned



Extra money

 Warm clothing

 Trekking Shoes

Comfortable clothes

Sun block

 Sun hat



What is the location of the Colca Canyon?

Located in the Colca Valley, this canyon stands out as one of the most prominent tourist destinations not only in Arequipa, but also in the entire Peruvian nation.

What clothing should I bring to the Colca?

It is recommended to wear light and comfortable clothing, as well as appropriate shoes for trekking. For the night hours, it is essential to have a jacket or coat and gloves, since temperatures tend to drop, increasing the cold.


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