Tikonata Island

Tikonata Island


Isla Tikonata



Tikonata is a Peruvian island located in Lake Titicaca has abundant natural resources, cultural as well as viewpoints that offer panoramic views over Lake Titikaka. Its island and the Capachica Peninsula has hiking trails, with great diversity of flora which are used by the inhabitants exploiting their medicinal properties as well as archaeological remains and sanctuaries. A very harmonious place to develop mystical tourism.

Its friendly people welcome you to live and share their cultural manifestations and experiences, customs and ancestral traditions that represent the islanders.


It is located in the district of Capachica, province of Puno, Puno region; between the Capachica peninsula and the island of Amantaní.


At an altitude of 3810 masl.


It has a temperate microclimate that allows the realization of potato, oca, izaño, papaliza, beans, corn, corn, peas, corn, wheat, barley and quinoa.


  • Artisanal fishing
  • Mystic Ceremonies
  • Boat rides
  • Dance and typical music
  • Walks
  • Reception of positive energies with nature
  • Visit to the mummy interpretation center


  • Access from Puno:

In the city of Puno there is a vehicle stop, it is located in the Jiron Lampa, with coastal avenue, the trip lasts 1 hour and a half approximately.


  • From the capital of Capachica:

You will be able to access Tikonata Island by motor boats leaving from Chifrón. Contact the association before your arrival, ASTURS also gives information in the office, located in the main square Jiron. Juliaca N° 229 – Capachica.



From Juliaca:

  • In the city of Juliaca there is a vehicle terminal for Capachica, the trip takes approximately 1 hour.


Page:  https://www.machupicchujourney.com/category/destinos/puno-es/

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