Putina Hot Springs

Putina Hot Springs


Aguas Termales de Putina


Putina’s hot springs emerge from deep within the earth with a warm temperature and are loaded with minerals, such as sulfur, calcium and magnesium. These minerals are believed to have healing properties that can relieve muscle and joint pain, improve blood circulation, and provide relaxation and general well-being.

The environment surrounding the Putina hot springs is spectacular, with views of mountains, valleys and natural landscapes typical of the Peruvian Andes. Many visitors come here not only in search of the therapeutic benefits of the waters, but also to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty that this place offers.

In addition to soaking in the hot springs, visitors can explore the surrounding area, which often includes hiking trails, camping areas and other sites of natural interest. Some hot springs resorts also offer additional services, such as spas, massages and lodging options for those who wish to extend their stay and fully enjoy the experience.


The Putina hot springs are a natural destination located in the region of Puno, Peru. Located in the district of Putina, these hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties and breathtaking scenery.


-Tuesdays Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


  • It is recommended that after leaving the hot springs do not touch icy water.
  • Wear warm clothes.
  • You should keep your body warm.
  • Wear bathing clothes.
  • Bring towels and sandals.

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