Maginificent Hot Springs El Almendral

Maginificent Hot Springs El Almendral



Magnificent Hot Springs El Almendral

Aguas Termales El Almendral




Between the road that connects Jaén with Bagua we find a paradise known as the El Almendral Hot Springs, located 25 minutes from Jaén (Cajamarca).
located 25 minutes from Jaén (Cajamarca), this place has become an alternative for relaxation for adventurers and locals alike.}

The Marañon and Chamaya rivers give life to this spectacular place that combined with the thermal waters that come out of the subsoil offer its bathers a place out of a dream, highly recommended for people with respiratory or muscular problems.
Its waters have a temperate temperature ranging from 35°C to 45°C .

The entrance to these hot springs has a single price of 1.00 soles or 0.25 cents and is open to the public from 6:00 am to 17:30 pm.

If you want to have a place to park your car in case you come in private mobility I comment that has a place for garage which can be rented,
There are also lockers to store your clothes.

It is recommended to visit this place in the dry months, because in the rainy season the pools fill with water and the feeling of relaxation is not the same.

There are two natural concrete pools used by the locals. In times of flood, the river covers one of the pools, but depending on the rise of the river, the other pool, which is located a few meters from the riverbed, does not suffer this problem.


Located a short distance from the junction of the Chamaya- Marañon rivers on the banks of the Jaen Bagua highway 25km from the city of Jaen.


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